Hand and Wrist Pain Treatment Services

Hand and wrist form the vital part of our human body and play a crucial role in almost everything that has to do with doing work with upper part of the body, be it lifting, throwing, carrying. Therefore injury ot damage to any part of the hand or wrist hinders our capability of carrying out things. We, at South Miami Walk-In Orthopedics, provide a comprehensive hand and wrist pain treatment therapy. Let’s briefly discuss the anatomy of wrist, what causes pain, and its treatment options.

hand and wrist pain miami beach
Anatomy of Hand and Wrist

Hand at its basic level consists of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and blood vessels. If any of these become irritated due to external or internal force, it can lead to wrist or hand pain. Radiocarpal joint is the wrist joint is a complex joint and bridges the hand and the forearm. It has a great range of motion and is also very prone to injury.

The wrist joint is formed by two classes of bones:
Distally. These are proximal row of carpal bones
Proximally. These are situated away from the attachment at the end of radius and articular disk.

It is a synovial joint which means it has high level of flexibility and motion and move smoothly against each other.

Coming to ligaments, there are four types of ligaments.

1. Palmar radiocarpal
2. Dorsal radiocarpal
3. Ulnar collateral
4. Radial collateral

The radiocarpal ligaments provide stability to the joint and ensure that the hand follows the forearm during pronation and supination. Collateral ligament protect the joint against excessive lateral joint displacement. All types of movement of the wrist like flexion, extension, adduction, and abduction is performed by the muscles located in the forearm.

What causes pain in hand and wrist?

Both disease and injury can cause pain, with the latter being more common. If wrist pain is reoccuring intermittently, then it might be because of repetitive stress injuries and inflammation. Most reported cases of complaints of wrist and hand pain fall into the following categories:


It is another cause for hand pain. Cases related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis outnumber any other type of arthritis in hand and are most common. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where body’s own immune system attacks and damages healthy cells. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage, the covering of the bones, wear away and the bones rub into each other causing discomfort and inflammation.

hand and wrist pain miami beach
hand and wrist pain miami beach
De Quervain’s disesase

It is the inflammation and swelling of the tendon those surrounding the thumb which causes pain in the lower arm and thumb. While the exact cause is still unknown, overuse of the affected area is often theorized as being the root cause. If you can feel and hear cracking sounds under the skin of your arm, wrist, and have weakness or numbness along the wrist and forearm, then chances are you’re affected with De Quervain’s disease.

Repetivive Motion Syndrome

As evident from the name, repeating a specific move over and over again that involves wrist or hand can lead to the muscles being damaged and cause pain. Repetitive task include typing, knitting et cetera. Doing these for longer period of time without any break causes pain. The wrist is mostly affected during these activities.


When the ligaments of the wrist muscles get over stretched and are partially or completely tore, then they get inflamed (which is body’s natural process for self-healing) and cause pain. It reduces mobility and often times causes severe pain. It usually happens when all of a sudden the wrist suffers a heavy blow due to any accident or overly twisting of wrist.


Structures like tumors can and often cause hand pain, but they are very rare among people. Specific form of tumors also develop in fingers, joints, and can cause pain over there.

Certain other conditions like diabetes often damage nerves in the body. And if nerves running through hand and wrist get affected, it causes pain as well.

hand and wrist pain miami beach
hand and wrist pain miami beach
Treatment of Hand and Wrist Pain

Pain treatment for wrist pain should be sought if following symptoms occur:

• Stiffness and pain
• Unease and difficult in lifting objects, with pain in hands and wrist particularly.
• Clicking sound in the wrist.

First of all, physicians take out X-rays of the affected area to see which bones, muscles, or ligaments are injured, and then start the treatment procedure. As with the treatment of any musculoskeletal problem or injury, RICE form an important part of the treatment. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Conservative Treatment

Along with RICE therapy, patient education, proper follow-up treatments, and proper relaxation of the affected area are key in treating wrist pain using physical therapy. These therapies rehabilitate and strengthen the affected area. Massage and heat treatment are often employed to aid blood circulation in the affected area and reduce pain over time. Modern technologies like tissue regenerative therapies often accelerate the healing process.


As wrist and hand pain often come with acute pain and affect everyday work, physicians often prescribe pain medications which are readily available over the counter. These readily show their effect and reduce swelling or inflammation. Drugs are also prescribed, if the affected area has bacterial or viral infection which maybe causing pain.

hand and wrist pain miami beach
hand and wrist pain miami beach
As often in case of serious injury, physicians turn to surgery for immediate pain relief. Surgery is often done to correct any broken or misplaced bone which normally happens in fractures, repair tore ligaments, or remove damaged discs inside vertebrae. Minimally invasive surgeries like acupuncture and orthopedic treatment also help reduce pain. These often require longer time for healing, and come with costly prescribed medicines and surgery.

Hand and wrist pain treatment at SMWIO

Nons-surgical and minimally invasive pain treatment is our core mission here in South Miami Walk-In Orthopedics. One of our physician, Dr. Michael Rosselli is among the only 140 physicians in America who are board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine, and specializes in start-of-the-art treatment like Stem Cell treatment and PRP which don’t involve any surgery. He personally has been a lifelong athelete and belives in providing quality orthopedic care to every patient suffering from pain. Visit us today to live a pain-free life without any surgery.