Elbow Pain Treatment Services

Our elbow help us in carrying out our day to day activities like throwing, lifting, swinging things. It’s a complex joint where various parts come to form the joint. Below we discuss the anatomy of elbow to better understand what causes pain, and then we’ll discuss the treatment options available for treating elbow pain, and finally conlude with what makes treatment at South Miami Walk-In Orthopedics notable.


The elbow jonit is hinged, and three bones come together to form the joint: ulna, radius, and humerus. Then there is cartilage which covers the ends of the bones. These allow the bones to rub against each other, but in a gentle manner such that they don’t damage each other. It also works as a shock absorber.

These bones are in their place because of ligaments which hold them together. There is a sac type structure filled with fluid that surrounds the joint and lubricates it. Major ligaments of the eblow include medical collateral ligament and the lateral collateral ligament. The former is situated at inside of the elbow, while the latter on the outside. These ligaments together provide the stablity needed for the elbow to carry out everyday tasks.

Tendons too play a vital role in the structure of the elbow joint and attach muscles to the bones. Biceps tendon and triceps tendon are the most important tendons in elbow joint which attach the bicep muscles and tricep muscles to the back of our arm respectively.

Muscles asociated with elbow pain cross the elbow and join the humerus, The bump just on the outside and above the elbow is called lateral epicondyle. On the inside of the arm above the elbow, there is medial epicondyle where muscles that keep our wrist and fingers straightened come together and attach to it. These two are common location for tendonitis.

If any of the aforementioned areas get injured along with blood vessel and nerves, then it can cause pain.

Causes of Elbow Pain

Let’s discuss briefly some of the most common causes of pain in the elbow.

Strains or sprains

Strain and sprain are common causes of pain. As a rule of them, when the muscles get torn, it is called strain. And when the ligaments get torn or damaged, then it’s sprain. Both cause swelling and inflammation. When too much pressure is put on the elbow muscles, the muscles involved in the process tear and swell causing pain. Sprains occur when a task involving a particular ligament in the elbow is repeated over and over again. Sprains are common among atheletes who repeat the same motion several time during their practice.

Dislocated elbow

When any of the bones that form the elbow joint get displaced from its position, then it is referred to as a dislocated elbow joint. It happens when excessive and a sudden force is put on the joint. It usually results in acute pain and immediate medical help is needed.

Fractured elbow

Contrary to a dislocated joint, if any of the bones making up the elbow joint breaks, then it is referred to as a fractured elbow. It also happens due to a sudden and strong blow to the joint in which case the bone breaks.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

These are similar to sprains in the sense that both are caused due to repetitive motion of elbow. Both Tennis and Golfer’s elbow are types of tendinitis in which there is swelling and inflammation of the tendons surrounding the elbow. Both are same in most of the respect, except that in tennis elbow, outside of the elbow is affected or injured, while in case of Golfer’s elbow, it’s the inside. As the name sounds sporting, you may be thinking that it only affects sportspersons. But that’s not the case. It can affect normal people as well if they injure their tendons by doing any repetitive motion without break.


Arthritis are of many types, but the major ones that can affect the elbow and can cause pain are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is when our body’s immune system attacks and affects healthy tissue which lead to swelling and pain. These type of diseases are known as autoimmune disorders. In case of osteoarthritis, the cartilage the covers the joint deteriorate over time and the bones slide over each other causing pain.

Other medical conditions that may cause elbow pain include lupus, gout, lyme disease,


Mild and less severe pain in the eblow often times get cured by physical therapies and some medications. The RICE therapy which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation is the primary way to treat it. Limiting motion and giving elbow joint enough time to heal itself is where the focus should be. Orthopedic physicians might also assign few exercises to strengthen the joint.


Physicians also prescribe drugs to ease pain and reduce inflammation. Drugs generally given to patients are anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, and analgesics. There might be additional different medications prescribed if the patient is suffering from any particular disease.like gout or any arthritis.


If an elbow gets injured and pain rests even after therapy and medications, surgery might be the only option. Fracture repair, arthroscopy, elbow replacement are some of the surgeries performed. By surgery, the broken or dislocated bone is either removed, repaired, or equipped with metal plates and screws till they heal. But these often fall on the expensive side of things and usually require longer healing time frame.

Elbow Pain Treatment at SMWIO

At South Miami Walk-In Orthopedics, we strive to provide the best pain care possible to our patients. Our personalized care approach for the pain treatment helps us stand out in our service. We utilize minimally invasive orthopedic treatment for providing a painless experience. With physicians having years of experience in orthopedic pain treatment, you can rest assure that your elbow pain will be a thing of the past within weeks of treatment. Visit us today for more information.