Amnion Injection

Amnion Injection Miami Beach

The cure for orthopedic sports injuries and conditions is very difficult to achieve. Returning to sports or daily life without chronic pain or a permanent injury is most challenging for patients. The growing field of regenerative medicine now has a new and effective treatment option in amniotic membrane injections. The regenerative capabilities of amnion injections are well documented and offer a promising alternative for more rapid recovery. Amniotic derived tissues contain endogenous growth factors and cytokines that are essential for healing damaged tissue. Specifically, PRP and placental membrane both provide regenerative effects to the injured tissues by concentrating growth factors that recruit the body’s own adult stem cells to repair the damage.

Treatment of orthopedic injuries with amniotic membrane injection offers advantages over other invasive or surgical methods. The patient will be evaluated with a physical exam and imaging such as X-rays, musculoskeletal ultrasound, MRI or a combination of these.  Once the problem area is identified, standard treatment involves rest ice, compression and elevation (RICE), custom orthoses, bracing, athletic strappings and physical therapy adjunctive modalities.

Corticosteroids and/or anti-inflammatory medications are to be avoided after the injection to prevent the disruption of the cascading growth factors to the treatment site activated by the Amnion injection.  The recovery period is typically short, from 3–5 days of rest with gradual return to regular activity as tolerated by the patient.

Walk-In Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides the latest cutting-edge treatments. There are several clinical applications for Amnion injections. Common injuries or conditions that may benefit from Amnion injections are :

  • Rotator cuff partial tears or tendonitis
  • Shoulder Labrum tears
  • Epicondylitis (Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow)
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Triceps Tendonitis
  • Hip tendonitis
  • Hip labrum tears
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.